Book Review

Saint Anything \ Book Review! – July 23, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Saturday post! This is a book review for a book i finished earlier this week.


9/10, i loved this book! As you can see, i have a few of Sarah Dessen’s novels and have loved all of them. If you didn’t know, all of Sarah Dessen’s novels are grounded in the same town and are linked in one way or another: little easter eggs that you have to pay attention to find. I do like how she decided to change the cover with this book; all of her other novels have people on the front and are glossy where as this is smooth, dark, and mysterious. I definitely vote this my favorite of the five i’ve read.

Sydney has lived her life in the shadows due to her parents being preoccupied with her troublesome brother. But then her brother causes an accident that leaves a kid paralyzed, their family is catapulted into the spotlight. Sydney is feeling the repercussions for her brother’s trouble and switches to a school where she can be a no one. Then she meets the Chatham’s, who own the local pizza place and welcome Sydney with open arms. There’s Mr. and Mrs. Chatham, Layla, Rosie, and Mac. Sydney is immediately drawn in and, as she finds her place in her own life, she finds one in theirs too.

“‘Why do you feel like you have to shoulder your brother’s responsibility?” Mrs. Chatham asks.
“Because someone has to,” i said. I looked into her eyes, green flecked with brown, just like Layla’s. “That’s why.”
Instead of replying, she squeezed my hand. I knew i could pull away and it would still be alright. But when Layla came in a few minutes later with the popcorn, that was how she found us. I’d let so much go, finally. It made sense, i suppose, that right then i would maybe just want to hold on.” (page 187)

This was definitely my favorite Sarah Dessen novel and i think it shows the importance of friendship during family difficulties. I would recommend to anyone and everyone!


Thanks for reading and come back for more random posts! Until next time,


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