Book Review

Some Boys \ Book Review! – August 4, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Thursday post! Here is a review for a very good book i read recently. I unfortunately do not have a picture of it because I’m back in Georgia for the week! I decided to suprise my friends and completely forgot to take the picture of this book. 

9/10, i thought this book was very good and it talked about such hard topics in an easy way. I would recommend this YA contemporary novel to anyone and everyone.

Grace is the topic of conversation for weeks. Zac went too far and broke her heart. She’s trying to pick up the pieces and put herself back together but that’s difficult to do on your own. Then she meets Ian, Zac’s best friend. She starts to like him and he’s trying to figure out if he likes her. Grace knows how hard life can get, she’s experienced the lows of lows, yet the question of impending doom still stands; will Grace be able to open her heart again?

“Hold your head up, Grace. Even when you’re dying inside – especially then – hold it up.”

I really liked this book and think it’s a book everyone should read. It is very thought provoking and discuses things that most people have trouble talking about.


Thanks for reading this post and come back for more random blog posts! Until next time,


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