Book Review

The Problem With Forever \ Book Review! – August 24, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Wednesday post! This is a book review for a book that i finished reading yesterday and thought was pretty amazing.


8/10, I really liked the plot and idea of this book but didn’t like some of the small details (writing sounded a little childish, the story progressed too fast for a novel with such a plot) and one big detail (the main character is going to school for the first time and she doesn’t really tell much about it, like struggles and tough things, because we all have/had one of those classes) But, other than those, i thought the author came up with a brilliant plot that couldn’t really be criticized as much as other books in the same genre.

Mallory “Mouse” Dodge has used silence as her shield for her entire life. She’s always been told,  “Don’t make a sound, Mouse,” and it kept her safe. But, when she was taken from the foster home after a huge accident following years of neglect, she looses contact with the one person who was there for her. The one person who was her protecter since she was three years old. And when Mallory decides that for her senior year, she should go to a public school, the last person she expected to run into was Rider Stark, the boy from her dark past. The connection they shared in the past is resurfacing once again, and they both realize it never left. But when Rider’s life of simplicity starts to spiral out of control, will Mouse be able to do the only thing that will save him and break the silence?

1. “‘I’m happy as i can be,” Rider said. “Got a roof over my head and four walls with food on the table. After school, it’s my goal to keep those things.”
But… but home should be more than that,” i told him. “Life… it should be more than that.
It should be, but it’s not for everyone. You know that.” (page 328)
2. “I hid from my past. I’d come so far, but i still… felt weak. Like glassware. If i fell, i would shatter, and Rider would… He would pick up the pieces and he would blame himself. I knew that. Paige was right. That was all we had
But that wasn’t all we were.” (page 336)

I thought this book was a really nice book with a dark plot that made you realize that this stuff isn’t only stuff you hear about in the news; It actually happens. Mallory’s story is heartwarming, however weird it sounds, and it shows someone overcoming loss and overcoming her fears to move on from the past and make her future even brighter.


Thanks for reading and come back for more random posts! Until next time,


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