DIY Crate Bookshelf! – September 24, 2016

DSCN0068.JPGHello and welcome to a Saturday post! Recently, my dad and i were in Home Depot and we walked by the wood section. Someone had stacked a few crates up and it hit me; wouldn’t that look good as a bookshelf? As a lover of books, i have actually run out of room on my two bookshelves and i also don’t have a bedside table so i thought that this could work as both, which it does. So, here are the steps for this DIY Crate Bookshelf!

Step 1: Buy the crates! I got four crates for about $10 each from Home Depot. 
Step 2: Pick out your paint! I chose “Shabby Chic Chalk and Clay Paint” in the color “Malibu Boone Blue” My mom has previously used this brand and it always comes out nice and clean.
Step 3: Paint! The only advice i have is to paint in this order: inside and then outside. I didn’t actually paint the back because it is not seen in the way i set them up. I also only did one coat of the paint. Leave these to dry (about a day) and then stack!
Here is the finished product!


Thanks for reading and come back for more random posts! Since i’m back in school, expect longer posts on the weekend and shorter, if any, during the week. Thanks! Until next time,


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