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Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children \ Book -> Movie Review! – October 12, 2016

Hellooo and welcome to a Wednesday post! Since i have school off today, Jewish holiday(!), i thought, why not do a post i have been wanting to do for a little while. I recently finished the book series of MPHFPC and went to see the movie with some friends. I decided to do a review of the movie and how it differs from the actual book. Here we go:
(BE WARNED: This post contains TONS of spoilers from the book and movie!)

Click this to see the book review so some of this post might make more sense if you have not read it!

The setting was pretty spot on! I was surprised how much it followed the setting from the book (Florida -> Wales/England). I did like how aesthetically pleasing some of the places were.

I will attempt to not rage as i tell you this; the characters were not correct! One of the main characters named Emma, in the movie, had the ability to be lighter than air and levitate. But, in the book, Emma’s ability/peculiarity was pyrokinetic (can make fire with hands). So, in the movie Emma and Olive switched magical powers. Another character inconsistency was the twins. In the movie, the creepy twins in the white costumes that had medusa eyes. were two of the peculiar children, but in the book they did not exist (living; they were dead). I was not very impressed with the characters.

Ughhhh! I did not enjoy the movie as much because of how different the plot was. The fact that Emma and Olive traded abilities was infuriating, but the plot didn’t really follow at too much. A) In the movie, the peculiar children chase Jacob and lure him to their time loop but in the book, he chases them and follows them to their house, back in time.
B) Enoch did not fall in love with Emma.
C) Enoch did not fall in love with Olive.
D) A hollow did not invade their loop every day.
E) Emma and the kids did not use the sunken ship to go to London, they didn’t even go to London in the 1st book.
F) Enoch did not make the sunken ship’s skeletons into soldiers.
G) The original experiment that made the hollows and wights happened in the middle of Siberia and nearly ended the world, not in a fancy room and building.
I) Miss Peregrine doesn’t go peacefully with the wight (also, Dr.Baron doesn’t exist in the book), she gets kidnapped and fights. As you can tell, i was not too impressed with the plot.

Again, UGHHHHH! It did NOT end the same AT ALL. In the book, the TEN (not 12) peculiar children, Jacob and Miss Peregrine row away on rowboats from the little island to mainland Wales. In the movie, Jacob decides to go home from London and exits the time loop and leaves the children. He goes home to see his grandpa (who died and started the whole thing but since they fixed everything in the past, he was no longer dead) and then he pushed Jacob to go find the children again. He goes through tons of loops from different times and manipulates time to get back to the children and Miss Peregrine. In the book, they never went to London! It was incredibly different!

As you can see, i wasn’t too happy with the book -> movie adaptation. There were too many plot inconsistencies. I do, though, want to go back and see it again or buy it on DVD when it comes out to judge it as a movie by itself, and not a book -> movie adaptation.


Thanks for reading and come back for more random posts! Until next time,


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