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Poetry Talk / {Black Butterfly by R.M. Drake} / October 29, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Saturday post! So “______ Talk” is a new thing i’m going to be doing whenever i can or whenever i have an idea; I’m basically going to analyze/ break down/ dissect different things whether it’s a poetry book or how to play a certain song on ukulele. Today, i’m going to be talking about a book which is a compilation of poetry.


{ Title / Author / Buy }
Black Butterfly by R.M. Drake
I bought this at Barnes and Noble for $12.47

{ Why did i buy this? }
I have used a few R.M. Drake poems on this blog before and am a big fan of his work. I decided to read this after i realized he has books!

{ Synopsis }
Since it’s poetry, it’s not very easy to “synopsisize” (yes i made up a word) it but i will try. On most sites selling it, they say that Drake wrote it after his brother’s death as a way to make a tribute to the breathing and not.
It mostly deals with forgetting people while desperately trying to remember them, loosing people with trying to love them, and loving people while trying to loose them.

{ Favorite Poem }
Endless War
After all, war is all that / we are and everything we do is / fought like one. / We fight to survive, / we fight for people we love, / and we fight against ourselves. / And these wars are the only / things that make sense to us. / It is all we have ever known / and that alone has everything / to do with everything we feel. / And it is beautiful / how the war inside us / is the only thing that is meant / to make us feel safe / against a world that has been designed / to rip us apart from the moment we are born.

{ Overall }
I really liked the poems in this book. I think it was definitely worth the buy and i am going to buy more R.M. Drake compilations in the future!


Thanks for reading and come back for more random posts! Until next time,


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