Holidays, Harry Potter, Gingerbread, and Ballet! – November 26, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Saturday post! I am so sorry to have been gone so long but school is proving to be busier than i guessed and i forgot to post. But, here i am, and i’m going to be talking about just what i’ve been up to!

{ Holidays }
Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is coming! Christmas is by far my favorite holiday and time of year and i’m very excited. We have decorated our house, other than the tree so i will do another later post for the decorations. Also, my middle sister Anna came over from GA!

{ Harry Potter }
I am finally reading the Harry Potter series! I am currently on the Goblet of Fire and love it so far. I got the limited edition set that, when placed in order, form a picture of Hogwarts! I will definitely do a review post later in the year…

{ Gingerbread }
I have made my first gingerbread cookie batch of the year! I have a recipe from last year for them; Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies Recipe – click here

{ Ballet }
I have starting dance lessons yet again! About three years ago, i did ballet and tap lessons in my old town but we moved away and i started competitive cheer. I have maintained, since then, tap by myself but have decided to start studio dance again and i love it!


That’s all for this little catch-up on my life so thanks for reading and, until next time…


One thought on “Holidays, Harry Potter, Gingerbread, and Ballet! – November 26, 2016

  1. Hi Sophie. I loved your blog. You seem to be having a very busy time. It was good to have a chat the other day. Lots of love GrandmaXXXXX


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