Carmel-by-the-Sea Trip: quaint village, adorable cottage, Big Sur, and the 17-Mile Drive! -December 23, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Friday blog post! Firstly, happy Christmas Adam! (Christmas Eve’s Eve, in other words). Today i’m going to be talking about this cute little town called Carmel, California, and our trip there.

My family and i stayed in a cute little cottage named Moon Gate, owned by the company Carmel Cottage Inn, who own 4 in total. They are all only a block from the beach and a few blocks from the town. There is only one bedroom so my sister and i slept on the pull-out couch. There is a brick fire and they decorated it all for Christmas! The door is also an adorable touch; it is a barn door that opens in two. Here are a few pictures:

{village and shops}
The village is very quaint and has over 100 art galleries. My two favorite places, though, are The Cottage of Sweets and Pilgrims Way Community Bookstore and Secret Garden. The first of the two is a charming teeny-tiny little, well, cottage of sweets and candy. They even make their own fudge right behind the counter. The latter is found by walking in an alley between two stores, one being the bookshop that owns it. At the end, there is a dreamy garden area with statues of buddhas and little water features with a huge octagonal greenhouse filled with outdoorsy things like wind-chimes and string with bells and beads on them. Here are some pictures from the secret garden and bookstore:

And this is the cottage of sweets:

We went into 5 places, two for dinner and two for lunch or coffees. The two for dinner were La Bicyclette, a French restaurant, and Il Fornaio, an Italian place. The two others were Fifth Avenue Deli, where we got a picnic style lunch, and the Carmel Bakery, where we got gingerbread men and sweet and savory pretzels, as well as a gluten free cookie for my sister. I only have pictures from the first place mentioned, so here they are:

{17-mile drive}
The 17-mile drive is a long winding route through mountains, then by the sea with 20 places you can stop to see the view and/or take pictures. Here are a few with their names:

{big sur}
This place was beautiful! The mountains were lush and *gasp* actually green, unlike southern California. The drive is constructed of windy roads on cliff edges that go through a few valleys, over about ten bridges, and with amazing ocean views. Also, we decided to have a little detour at Pfeiffer Beach, which is famous for having purple sand. (PS: not all of the sand is purple; only little patches.) The road down and up to it is a windy, one-way road that is a little scary when you have to pass another car but the beach and caves were beautiful!


Thanks for reading and come back for more random posts! Until next time,


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