#GirlGaze Project Talk / {art exhibit in LA} / December 29, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Thursday post! I am finally back with another “___ Talk”! First, before i start, i have to wish my parents a Happy 23rd Anniversary! Okay, here it is…

{where is it}
The #girlgaze: A Frame of Mind exhibition is currently at the Annenberg Space of Photography from last October until February of next year.

{what is it}
This project is a captioned photography exhibit with a very empowering story; their mission is to support girls behind the camera. To define what “girlgaze” means, they broke the word up into two words…
“Taking back the word girl, we are pushing back against the cultural projections and traditional gender roles imposed upon girls from the outside world, media and culture. Instead, we aim to represent the intelligence, creativity, complexity and diversity of girls’ experience—across nation, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, economic background. It is up to those who identify with being a girl to break the boundaries and determine their own identity, sexuality, and beauty.” – says their website
“We are telling stories and creating images by taking the camera (or any medium) into our hands to express our viewpoints, reflect our states of mind, share our interests—whether in politics, fashion, tech, beauty, business—and to show the world how we see it.” – also from their website

{what is its purpose}
Girlgaze is a multi-media project to generate visibility and support for the next generation of female-identifying photographers.

{what did i think}
I thought the exhibit was amazing and very empowering to all who wish to see it. It shows the embodiment of feminism and how being a girl affects you in a business perspective. I thought the pictures were pleasing to the eye and the messages below them were thought provoking or personal story telling.

{anna, my sister’s, thoughts}
“First off: it was very aesthetically pleasing. I thought the exhibit flowed very well because it had the overall theme of how girls see ‘_____’ and related it to our inner world, outer world, bedroom, etc. And it showed each photographers unique perspective. I love the idea of empowering woman in our creative fields.”

I really loved this exhibit and will definitely go back in the future. Click here for their website!


Thanks for reading and come back for more random posts! Until next time,


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