Making Harry Potter Wands w/ my friends! – February 10, 2017

Hello and welcome to a Friday blog post! I know it’s been a while since i’ve posted, because of an overload at school and lots and lots of dancing, but today i’m going to be showing you how to make wands inspired by Harry Potter, but not in the traditional style.


Step One
So, first you need to venture outside and find a tree that consists of loads of branches. On that tree, try to find a branch, big or small and just the right thickness. Then cut or saw it off with scissors or a knife or just snap it with your hands. And if you’re a real Harry Potter nerd, try to make the wood coloring match the wand you received on Pottermore. 

Step Two
Now go back inside and cut off anything you don’t want on your branch like knots or little twigs. Though, as you can see, one of my friends decided to keep a little sprout on the end of hers which is fine too. Also, make sure that you like the length and find which side of the stick feels more comfortable in your hand.

Step Three
This is the fun part: decorating! Plug in your hot glue gun and pull out all of your arts and craft supplies, like ribbon or twine or little charms. I will walk you through how i made my design. (a) I found some thin-ish twine and wrapped it around the place where i want to hold it. I thought it looked a little bland so around a natural tree knot i wrapped a strand of green twine. (b) Then i found some leather and wrapped it for about another inch. (c) I also decided to wrap a tiny tad of lace and add a teeny tiny little arrow on top.

Step Four
Now you can play with it! It can be entirely for decoration or you can actually use it, like my friends and i did. Cast spells and react to ones cast at you. Just be careful not to break anyone’s wand.


Thanks for reading and come back for some random blog posts! Until next time,


One thought on “Making Harry Potter Wands w/ my friends! – February 10, 2017

  1. Hi Sophie, I love your blog —- as I always do!! Will you do me a good spell on my new home soon! Lots and lots of love, GrandmaXXXXX


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