Let’s Talk: Pointe Shoes! – February 15, 2017

Hello and welcome to a Wednesday blog post! Today, I’m going to be walking you through the steps of getting pointe shoes from how they arrive to dance-able shoes. If anything needs any clarification please tell me any way you’d like and i will fix it.

What You Need:
Pointe Shoes
Scissors, lighter, embroidery needle, pink thick thread
*Elastics (Optional / i don’t use them in this)
*Toe pads (I prefer ones made of gel)
(*If you order from Kukome and many other brands these will come with it, other than elastics from this particular brand)


This is a picture i found online because i didn’t photograph them when they arrived.

Step One
So, the pointe shoes will come without the ribbons or elastics, if you wish to use, sewn on or anything tied or finished, like the picture above. It is just the base of a shoe that feels rock solid. Don’t worry, they won’t feel that way forever! If you wish to try them on in this stage they will most likely feel massive and baggy but it is only because the toe elastic is not tied (don’t tie it at this point). I buy mine from Kokome which is an amazing company whose shoes are affordable and awesome to dance in. I know I’m just kind of explaining things but it’s still step one to understand how they’ll arrive and not panic with how much you have to do yourself.

Step Two
Cut the ribbon in half, the cut those in half again to make fourths. Then get a lighter and swoop each end of the ribbons through it very quickly, only enough so the ends won’t fray but not enough for any color change or smell. Once you’ve done that, Take your shoe and place it flat, then fold the heel in as far as it goes. Then fold about 3/4 of an inch of ribbon over itself so the shinier side is still facing out. Now sew your ribbons between where the heel meets the sole of the shoe (the shank) and the seam so they are slightly angled. Make sure you tie a knot at the end of the thread before you begin. I also did a backstitch on the top and bottom and a sideways backstitch on the edges. To finish it, just go over and stitch the same area a few times and then tie that end in a knot once cut. Also, i would advise to not sew into the toe elastic on the top edge of the shoe because you might not be able to tighten them.

Step Three
Since i did not choose to sew elastics on my shoes, i will be skipping that step. Now, once you have sewn all four ribbons, place the shoes on your feet and try to tie them (There is a step by step guide for tying below) . Make sure the knot is on the inner side of your ankle and tucked beneath the ribbon. Then tie the toe elastics as tight as you’d like to. Mine are very tight but not double knotted; they are in a bow so i can loosen or tighten them in the future.


Step Four
Now, find something ballet bar height and roll up onto your pointe to try it out. If everything feels comfortable and nothing is poking out or poking at you then you are finished. Enjoy them!

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Thanks for reading and come back for more random posts! Until next time,


One thought on “Let’s Talk: Pointe Shoes! – February 15, 2017

  1. Hi Sophie the ballet shoes sound a really good idea. Do you think I should have a go!!! I have never done ballet in my life although Grandpa and I used to go to lots of ballet performances at the theatre in Newcastle. Lots and lots of love Grandma XXXXX


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